In 2022 we had a vision to bring two brands together that allowed us to achieve more than our imagination – both on and off the field. We were fortunate to meet the Head Coach Jimmy Stonehouse of Pumas Rugby when they played against Western Province in 2022. I knew immediately this was an opportunity to not only showcase our clothing quality in a premier team, but also to ensure we align as a shared goal to achieve success for both our brands. The Head Coach and CEO Marius v Rensburg knew immediately this was not just another kit supplier, but someone genuinely interested in their team receiving the best quality at the best price.

It was never just a deal from day one. It was the start of a family relationship – way beyond just excellence on the field, but togetherness as a team understanding each other and achieving shared objectives. It was clear our approach together worked as in the first year of working together, they won the illustrious Currie Cup for the first time in history – in our kit, prepared to compete against the best. They looked fantastic, felt like the elite athletes they were, were different and knowing they had a supplier who was not just a company, but rather a integral part of achieving that success for them. They made us matter and in return we made them feel like athletes able to compete against the best.

In every team we work with now, in every customer we engage, in every raltaionship we embark, at the front of everything we put this same ethic, this same value of togetherness like a family for our shared success.